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Maykin came about in a roundabout way. The story starts with my passion for cities, which led me to wonder why no significant cities have been built in the US in recent times, despite the fact that virtually all American cities have been built over the past 150 years. This led me to conclude that this state of affairs exists due to cultural inertia, over-regulation, and slow technological advance in the area of construction.

By trying to think of a way to solve these issues, I came up with Maykin. Thus, by empowering people to build again, I plan on creating a path to building the greatest American city ever.

The path to making our goal a reality is difficult

The path to making our goal a reality is difficult





Kamil Arkadiusz “Arcadius” Wowczuk

I’ve been always interested in civilizations and cities. This led me to wonder why we in America have stopped building new cities, despite the fact that it should be much easier than it has been when we built all the ones that already exist. This is where the idea for Maykin comes from. I see building affordable and desirable homes as the first step toward making it possible to built a new America city.

I have some college background, construction experience, administrative experience, and a variety of other skills that make me uniquely suited to make this goal a reality.



Web development, Management, Office administration, and more