Maykin makes it easy to build


Maykin makes it easy and affordable to build homes

Maykin allows those who want to build a home to do so easily and affordably.

This is achieved via a platform which allows the user to design a code-compliant house using software which automatically optimizes the design to be easy to build using our processes that aim to reduce the costs of labor by as much as 50%.

A CAD file will be produced and, based on that, materials will be procured from manufacturers and distributors. Those will then be delivered to the construction site as needed.

Our construction processes will allow unskilled laborers to build the entire house with the use of augmented-reality guidance.

All those things will work in tandem as to ensure maximum efficiency of the whole enterprise, and thus reduce costs and complexity for our clients.



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Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing. Without stable shelter, it all falls apart
— Matthew Desmond